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This page is the index into the Vector Linux Solutions Bank - also referred to as a knowledge center by some. A How-To in the Solutions Bank identifies a specific task, or problem, commonly encountered by mainstream users. The second part of a How-to presents the Solution in the form of a process that identifies the actions the mainstream user need to preform to solve the issue.

How-To Sections
How-To recipes are grouped into section that address similar issues. Below are links to each section on this page:

Just-in-Time Know How
The advantage of How-To recipes is the delivery of just-in-time know how (knowledge organized by an expert to address a specific issue). A How-To enables a Vector Linux expert to draw from a broad range of Linux system administrative knowledge and identify just what is required to solve the issue at hand. Thus the mainstream user is only required to master a limited set of know-how to get thought the current task.

Just-in-time knowledge is an incremental learning process that deliver maximum benefits - a productive Vector Linux installation - with limited time investment.

How to use the How-To Recipes

The How-To recipes are designed to be stand alone reference material. You can read a How-To, and execute the solution, without having to read all the other material in the section.

However, if you are new to a specific area it is a good idea to review that areas introduction. Each introduction provides a context for the section and provides general knowledge that will be helpful in understanding the How-To in that section.

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