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This Solutions Bank is a knowledge base that provides answers and know-how to common taskes. It contains many How-To articles in task/solution format. Each article deals with a very specif task and presents a recipe of actions that will solve the issue.

In addition general questions are covered in the FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions).

On-the-fly Results

This site has a dedicated indexing and search engine that returns solution hits on-the-fly. The search input box is on the upper right of each page. A pause as you input search terms generates the top ten bet fits in a drop down box. This quick preview can be scanned to see if you have the solution needed or that the search criteria need to be refined. If so, just keep inputing additional words.


The Vector Linux community provides three levels of support - a knowledge base, a community bulletin board and direct paid support.

  • Solution Bank
    How-To recipes authored by a select set if the most knowledgeable Vector Linux contributors (see center column). This is always a very good starting point.

  • Community Support
    The Vector Linux community is very active in supporting VL users. See the community Help and info for VL users bulletin board.

  • Direct Paid Support
    This is direct support from the Vector Linux experts. You get timely response via email, a ticket number to track progress and support consultant focus until issue is finalized.


You get timely response, a ticket number to track progress and support consultant focus until issue is finalized.

Direct support is only available to those that have a support subscription. You may purchase a subscription at If you have already done so Thank-you.

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